1.5 SPOT

Audition Times: 
10am - 5pm on the 20th - 22nd of February
10am - 3pm on the 23rd of February

DRAMAC’s 1.5 spot this year will consist of four half an hour plays. As usual, 1.5 auditions are only open to those who have never acted in a DRAMAC production before. What better way to welcome the fresh faces to our society? 

Auditions will be held during O-Week
This year, the chosen plays are… drumroll please…

Director: Jo Elizabeth Finnis

Producer: Lakia Lyons


Genre: Comedy/Parody

Gender Split: 14 Gender Neutral Cast Members


Guilty or not guilty? A spoof on 12 Angry Men, 12 Angry Pigs by Wade Bradford examines the case of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. Was the Wolf really selling Wolf Scout cookies or is he indeed guilty of huffing and puffing and blowing down those two houses?



Director and adapted for stage by: Andrew Fallont

Producer: Georgie Buley

Assistant Director: Tommy Joyce

Assistant Producer: Keenan Hennessy


Genre: Horror/Sci Fi

Gender Split: 8 Gender Neutral Cast Members


H.P. Lovecraft's classic storytelling takes to the stage in this ghoulish rendition of his iconic work. Join Herbert West and his assistant as they delve deeper into madness, pushing the boundaries of science beyond human comprehension. Curiosity begets obsession, and woe to those who find out what comes after that...

The Gulf by Audrey Cefaly

Director: Lara Balken

Producer: Olivia Cole

Assistant Director: James Stubbs Grigoriou


Genre: Drama

Gender Split: 2 Female


Kendra and Betty are volatile lovers grasping at the remnants of a dying relationship, with the added pressure of diverging life paths hanging over their heads. Out on a boat in the Alabama Delta, these two young women - with seemingly little in common - are vicious yet tender, scrambling to find a way to fall together, before they fall apart.



Director: Joel Montgomery

Assistant Director and Dramaturge: Laura Chudd-Chudzynski

Producer: Nicole Charalambous


Genre: Comedy

Gender Split: 7 Gender neutral, 1 male


Taken from A Midsummer Night's Dream, 'Pyramus and Thisbe' takes the Mechanicals' scenes and turns them into their own short play from casting to performance. Pyramus and Thisbe are a couple of young Babylonians in love, separated by their disapproving families. The star-crossed lovers conspire to elope, which leads to tragic consequences. This play is the Mechanicals’ only hope of getting their amateur theatre troupe off the ground – if everyone learns their own lines, sticks to their own parts, and shows up to rehearsals on time.