DRAMAC Presents: A Doll's House

 A play by Henrik Ibsen

Director: Lakia Lyons
Writer: Henrik Ibsen
Producer: Jo Finnis

One of Henrik Ibsen’s most famous works, A Doll’s House tells the story of Nora, a ‘modern-day’ housewife under the naïve opinion that she and her family are content with their lives. Her husband, Torvald, thinks her careless and childlike, but Nora is keeping something secret from her husband that could lead to tragedy for both of them. 

Going off Isben’s belief that "a woman cannot be herself in modern society", this production will be styled with a 1950’s aesthetic to draw focus on the traditional gender rolls being forced up Nora and to play with the notion of a “modern society” (à la The Stepford Wives). While the setting and costume design will be in the style of 1950’s suburban fashion, the play will not be set in any particular time period.

Preview: 11th October
Show Dates: 12th - 15th & 19th - 22nd October
Time: 7:30pm
Lighthouse Theatre, Macquarie University