What is DRAMAC?

DRAMAC is Macquarie University's premier on-campus theatrical society, and the longest running University Drama Society in New South Wales. 

Established in 1967, DRAMAC strives to produce quality dramatic works, and also to bring people together under the banner of theatre. 

It was established long ago that DRAMAC would be a society that works hard at getting people involved in the things that they love. 

If you're interested in the arts, media, building, technology, design, textiles, or the joy of entertainment, then DRAMAC is the society for you.
President - Maddeleine Dockrill
The President is in charge of maintaining the rest of the executive when they get rowdy, and making sure that the society is effectively run, acting as a face for the society. For anything related to the way the society is being run, or information to be passed onto the executive, you can email the president at president@dramac.org

Vice President - Freya Jokela
The Vice President aids the president in all of their presidential duties. If you can't get a hold of the President, you can reach the vice-president at vice-president@dramac.org

Treasurer - Andrew Brennan
The Treasurer looks after all of Dramac's finances, authorises payments, and makes sure that our members get any money owed to them. For any enquiries about funding, recovery of money, or any other of your fiduciary needs, email the treasurer at

Secretary - Laura Dale
The secretary is responsible for all correspondence between the society and the executive. They write emails and minutes, and occasionally contribute their own thoughts to discussion. For any information on the society at all, ever, email the secretary at secretary@dramac.org

Publicity Officer - Shannon O'Connor
The Publicity Officer coordinates marketing campaigns, poster, press coverage, and other general business to do with making the society and the shows look good. For enquiries about marketing or publicity, you can reach the publicity officer at publicity@dramac.org

Quartermaster - Jack Goggin
The Quartermaster is in charge of all of Dramac's assets, including the props, set pieces, costumes, and our top secret storage facilities. If you need information on where any props or costumes are, or for any info on what the society already has, then you can email the quartermaster at quartermaster@dramac.org

Archivist - Nathan Wylie
The Archivist takes care of all of the documents Dramac has gathered over the years. This includes all the posters and pictures from previous Dramac shows. If you would like some information about the documents held by dramac email the archivist at archivist@dramac.org

Auxiliary - Jessica Orchard
The auxiliary is in charge of everything, by making sure that what needs doing gets done, and helping out where it’s not. For a chat, email the Auxiliary at auxiliary@dramac.org
First Year Auxiliaries - TBA

Each year in O-Week, Dramac elects two first years into executive Auxiliary positions. As with the other Auxiliary position they help the other executive members where needed.