First Spot - MARCH 2016

Pitch Requirements: First spot productions may only present published plays. 

First Spot 2016: Angels in America; A gay fantasia on national themes, part 1: The Millennium Approaches

     1.5 Spot - APRIL 2016

Pitch Requirements: The style of 1.5 spot shall be open to any style of theatrical production. 

Cast: No more than one-quarter of the cast may have performed in any previous production of the society, excluding sponsored productions. 

     Godzilla (Second Spot) - JUNE/MAY 2016
Name: The second spot productions shall collectively be known as Godzilla.  

Composition: Godzilla shall consist of a maximum of four productions.  
Pitch Requirements: 
Godzilla productions may only present student-written plays. 
Godzilla productions shall be no longer than 45 minutes in average duration. 
The working state of the script must be declared as part of the pitch for a Godzilla production.  
No Godzilla pitch may be excluded from pitching based on the working state of its script, including pitches based on an unwritten script.  
If the working state of a script can be shown to have been deliberately misrepresented in a pitch, the pitch may be disqualified within fourteen days of pitching by executive authority.  

Godzilla 2016: TBA

    COMREV (Third Spot) - AUGUST 2016
Name: The third spot production shall also be known as Comedy Revue (COMREV).  
Description: Comedy Revue shall be a production consisting of a number of short sketches, songs and/or videos, generally of comedic value.  

Pitch Requirements: Pitching shall not be held for Comedy Revue.  

Appointing of Production Team:  
The Executive shall appoint exactly three Directors and at least one Producer of Comedy Revue.  
All members may apply for appointment to the role of Director and/or Producer. 
Directors and Producers of Comedy Revue shall be appointed at least six weeks before the Comedy Revue season is scheduled to commence.  


     3.5 Spot - SEPTEMBER 2016 

Pitch Requirements: The style of 3.5 spot shall be open to any style of theatrical production. 
The Executive may reject a pitch it deems to be inconsistent with the spirit of half spot productions, as laid out in the Preamble to this Addendum, entirely at the discretion of the Executive.  

2016 3.5 Spot: TBA

     Fourth Spot - OCTOBER 2016
Pitch Requirements: Fourth spot productions may only present published plays.

2016 Fourth Spot: TBA

     Small Spot - NOVEMBER 2016
The spirit of the small spot production is to encourage those plays whose  chance of election in other seasons may be disadvantaged by their  smaller casts, but are still artistically beneficial to the purpose and vision of  the society.  
Pitch Requirements: The style of small spot shall be open to any style of theatrical production.  
Cast: The cast of small spot shall be limited to 8 actors.

2016 Small Spot: TBA