The Production Team

Not interested in acting but still want to be involved? Not a problem! At DRAMAC there are many different roles you can play in a show, both on and off the stage. We encourage everyone to get involved, whether it be through acting, behind the scenes or front of house!

Here are the typical roles you would find in any DRAMAC show:

The director maintains the vision for all aspects of the show. They are ultimately in charge of auditions and the casting process, and also taking active control over the rehearsal process. The director is also responsible for allocating other roles in the production team where they see fit.

The producer is in charge of the organisation and management of a show. They are responsible for creating and maintaining a budget, sourcing props and costumes, and also organising a rehearsal schedule.

Executive Producer
The Executive Producer, or EP, is a member of the executive and acts as a go-between the show and the executive. The EP can act as an advisor to members of the production, and oversees the show as a whole.

Stage Manager
The Stage Manager is appointed by the pitch-winner or EP, and is responsible for coordinating the cast, backstage crew, props, costuming and set during the show's run in order for a smooth-running show. They must look good in black.

Technical Director
The technical director, or TD, is also appointed by the pitch-winner or EP, and is in charge of sound and lighting for the show. This does not necessarily mean sound and lighting design. The TD must oversee the rigging of lights and sound equipment and appointing competent technical operators for the duration of the show.

Other Production Roles
The pitch-winner may appoint other people to their production team, in roles such as Costume Designer, Set Designer, Lighting Designer, Choreographers, Marketing teams, Fundraising teams, etcetera, in order to assist with the show.